Sunday Brunch @ mami’s

DSC_0407This past week was a long one! Work meetings, doctor appointments, I-85 collapsing…the list goes on. Thank the heavens I had a few things planned last weekend that could get my mind off of the mundane and recharge. I played football with my friends (still feeling sore 4 days later…), had a girls night out at Superica with my sister, went to a friend’s art show at ABV Gallery, and planned a brunch for Sunday at my mother’s! She got new dinnerware from Macy’s during their insane sale, so it was the perfect excuse to use her kitchen (Thanks, mami!)

I find cooking to be very therapeutic, especially when I’m trying something new. Prepping can be a pain, but to see the finished product and have happy faces at the table makes it all worth it. I probably get this from my mom who LOVES hosting people at home for dinners. I grew up with “Sundays at Carmen’s” when everyone would come to our house with a bottle of something or dessert as their humble contribution to the BAD ASS meal my mom would throw together.

tina's (1)

After a week or so of Pinteresting, I threw together this menu and sent it to my mom and sister (I had to bribe them with a nice visual and a little bubbly so they would agree to be my guinea pigs).


The salmon cucumber bites were AMAZING. Probably my favorite thing that I made on the menu. It was also very easy to put together, which is why it is now permanently in my repertoire for future gatherings. I got the idea of making candied bacon from my friend’s wedding that I had gone to the weekend before. She had something similar (and definitely more gourmet) served along with other hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.



The braided cinnamon roll bread was surprisingly easy to make! All that is required is a little love and patience. I have great angled pictures because (I’ll be honest) I did not enclose it all the way so when it baked, it came out more like a horseshoe instead of a ring. Practice makes perfect though!




The tomato arugula frittata was delicious, very savory, and again, VERY easy to make. Of course, no brunch is complete without mimosas. I love a good prosecco and even better when the price is right. I had never had Mionetto before, but after this brunch, it definitely won’t be the last time! Everything else came out pretty damn perfect for my first time (humble brag).

Check out the links to the recipes I used below! Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

Salmon-Cucumber Bites

Candied Bacon

Tomato, Arugula, Goat Cheese Frittata

Braided Cinnamon Roll

❤ Tina 


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